Most agents in Shanxi province in 2011, broken machinery industry sales experience a roller coaster trend. Since the new machine market has transparent and tends to saturation, crushing machinery market is entering the era after the rapid market growth.

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Shanxi crushing machinery market in the country is very special, not only sales rankings, but a larger proportion of large machinery. Shanxi crushing machinery network responsible person, Shanxi is wide broken machinery sales Co., director of business operations of Zhan Yukuan said, sustained growth in investment in infrastructure drive, Shanxi province has become a large trading province excavator, loader, mobile crusher crushing machinery etc. But with 2011 sales of the rapid decline of jaw crusher, the secondary crushing machinery trading but grow with each passing day. Industry estimates, in 2012 the crushing machinery market is still in the doldrums, more second-hand machinery and equipment will enter into the market.

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Zhan Yukuan told reporters, after 2011 April, by the engineering of stagnation and guitar effects, many owners do not live, resulting in a large number of machinery into the secondary trading market. At the same time, due to fierce market competition, the agents in order to lead the new machine sales have increased, with old change new efforts. Previously, the agents sold two hundred or three hundred new machines at the same time, second-hand machinery replacement only seven stone washing machine eight Taiwan, easily disposed of. But now each sold 100 new air flow drying machine, second-hand machinery replacement there are ten or twenty sets of. In this way, vendors, owners and brokers in the hands of all accumulated second-hand machinery and equipment more and more, they hope to have a centralized channel to dispose of equipment, in order to recover funds. At the same time, the owner was originally purchased in crushing machinery, most of the use of repo collateral mortgage loans and lease financing forms, but because the engineering atrophy, a large number of equipment is in idle state, the owner to repay the loan problems, manufacturers will have to buy back. If not timely processing of these devices, the company will suffer a great loss. The total vertical crushing the body of view, the market of second-hand machinery broken equipment mainly includes imports, lease, sale, turn out the failure of market used by second-hand equipment once or repeatedly changed and assembling.

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According to Zhan Yukuan introduced, in addition to agents, second-hand machinery channels from owners and car dealers (agents or Brokers Firm). But with the Hebei Xushui, compared to Shanxi, the car dealer is not mature, mostly with individual sale is given priority to, also have some repair manufacturers run the second-hand transactions. However, the Shanxi province of second-hand machinery and the development of circulation industry is slow, but because of the information asymmetry, fraud, shoddy and other reasons, resulting in the secondary mechanical parties have no confidence in the market, so the impact of second-hand machinery trading success rate. Zhan Yukuan said, at present Shanxi province secondary crushing machinery trading is still in the stage of free market, in the actual transactions, buyers are often with opinions and sellers purchasing experience or distributors bargaining, not for professional assessment, and mostly not to sign the sales contract, the service does not provide invoices, therefore cannot guarantee the real price and after sale service. In Zhan Yukuan impression, Zhengzhou city the earliest secondary crushing machinery trading market, should be in the West Street in Yingze near the next element, but there is just a lease of the free market, is hardly a professional trading market. Therefore, Zhan Yukuan had voted to build large transactions in the secondary crushing machinery leasing market idea. Shanxi Yi Bai Tong Machinery Information Service Limited company general manager Wang Ruigang the choice of second-hand machinery industry, because the new machine market more and more transparent, the upstream manufacturers have the pressure of work, in the middle reaches of the competitor, downstream of the requirements of customers, profits have been diluted a lot. The new machine occupies a higher capital, capital and cost comparison, might as well do the second-hand machinery trading. He said.